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"Ideas change the world if they are implemented.“ - Norman Rentrop

Our consulting services - on hand with help and advice 

We listen to you carefully. Together, we look at the challenges and the goals we want to achieve. We examine in detail the project framework   and identify sustainable solutions.

Our solutions are sustainable because we approach our work carefully and with an open frame of mind, viewing all aspects of the project as part of a whole. Funding and financial support options complete the package we offer.

Our plans - conceived well in advance

From the outset your ideas contribute to the planning process. Together, we develop a customized project that is long-lasting and extendable. Our effective design team - experts from all fields working in synergy - and our comprehensive experience guarantee that all time schedules are adhered to.

Overall, costs and benefits are optimally balanced: during construction itself, operation and, in particular, maintenance. It goes without saying that we comply with international standards.

Our construction supervision - carried out with care

Detailed procurement and tendering procedures leading to proper award of contract require in-depth knowledge. The procedure is worth the effort since it enables all those involved to gain a clear view and leads to effective implementation.

We carry out rigorous checks during construction supervision and our technical experts are regularly on site. In this way, we promote high quality at the construction stage, keep costs under control and ensure that the the project is completed within the deadline. Finished projects are up and running very quickly. We are always glad to be of service to you again in the future and you can rest assured that all completed project documentation is stored long-term in our archives.