Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Our values

„We have not inherited the planet from previous generations, but only borrowed from future generations.“

Water - basis of life

We base our philosophy on careful and respectful management of the element water – the basis of all existence. In order to ensure that this basic necessity can be sustainably conserved we need to consider the whole picture which includes the elements of air, fire (in terms of energy) and earth.

People are central to our entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Our business relationships and the ways in which the company treats its staff are defined by a sense of economic, ecological and social responsibility and are founded on broadly-based technical competence. Trust plays an essential role.

Competent partner

The way we work is defined by this set of values. We work in partnership with our clients, providing support and advice in the areas of environment, civil engineering, geotechnics, energy technology, process engineering, SCADA, structural engineering, electroengineering, building services engineering, urban water supply and sanitation, flood protection as well as project development and municipal and regional development - from consultation, design, and construction supervision to support during implementation and operation.

We achieve defined goals by taking a considered, far-sighted business approach. Motivated employees are a crucial element of our success and guarantee the continuous development of our services – to the satisfaction of our clients.