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Fire fighters school in Tulln - Service water supply

Tasks definition

Service water supply system was to be constructed for the following purposes:

  • Heating and cooling of the building (Heat pump performance 1240 kW) with groundwater
  • Water heating by groundwater hydro-extractor
  • Fire fighting water supply for exercising ground and fire drill

Rain water infiltration system for disposal of the storm water from the entire area of 80.000m2 was to be designed and constructed.

  • Connection pipe to adjacent printing plant was designed. It will convey warmed heat exchange water which will be used in the school for heating. Cooled water then comes back: multiple utilization, increase of efficiency of heat pumps, only minimal groundwater warming.
  • Extension of wells and re-infiltration systems for heat pumps operation (during non-operation hours of printing plant), for building cooling and service and fire fighting water supply.
  • Combining of surface infiltration systems (infiltration ditches and tanks) and underground infiltration systems (infiltration shafts, pipes-ditches infiltration) taking into consideration different origin and pollution degree of the rain water.
  • Hydro-geological investigation
  • Technical assistance and evaluation of pump tests
  • Elaboration of Feasibility study
  • Design for water rights permission for service water supply
  • Fire fighting water supply concept
  • Design for permission to build the rain water infiltration system
  • Detailed design
  • Supervision during the works execution
  • Client: Zelus Grundstücksvermietungs GesmbH
  • Max. groundwater intake = 50 l/s
  • 7 shaft wells DN 2000
  • Pipe, infiltration ditches, infiltration system
  • Transmission line DN 200, Length 1200 m
  • Fire water pipeline
  • Storm water infiltration system for the entire area of 80.000 m2
  • Project period: 2003 - 2005
  • Contact person: Paul Seitz, MSc