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Clients' statements

Krems municipal administration - Public enterprises

Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH and formerly Zivilingenieurbüro Spindelberger are active more than 25 years as a designer in field of sewerage, water supply and flood protection.

The employees of Hydro Ingenieure support our relevant departments in elaboration of studies, designs and preparation of tender documentation as well as within the construction supervision and funding development issues.

Krems public enterprises are very satisfied with performed services and the employees of Hydro Ingenieure are considered as reliable partners.

Yours sincerely

MSc Helmut Hardegger
Head of Infrastructure department

Municipality Schrems

Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH takes care of us for many years in field of water supply. A horizontal well has recently been constructed to our full satisfaction despite very limited technical conditions.

At the present the pumping stations are being refurbished in order to improve the energy efficiency and remote control systems extended according to the concept elaborated by Hydro Ingenieure.

Therewith a further significant improvement in operation of our facilities shall be achieved.

Gottfried Schreiber
Municipal council and district water master

Komarno municipality

An extension of WWTP and sewerage in Komarno has been executed under supervision of Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH.

The employees of Hydro Ingenieure and local partners active in Komarno provided us over the project period of 5 years with competent consulting services and reliable support.

MUDr Tibor Bastrnák
Mayor of Komarno


The construction of warehouse DC B (with total built-up area of 30.000 m2) implemented in 2008 has been supervised by the company Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH.

The employees of this company supported us reliably during the entire construction period. The works were completed after 6 months in accordance with the Employer´s time schedule.

Pavol Podskoc
Head ov development

Municipality wastewater association Krems

The Engineering - Consulting company HYDRO Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH, formerly Ziv Ing. Büro DI Friedrich Spindelberger advises the Municipality wastewater association Krems/Donau since 1978 in all technical issues and implements all projects for main sewer collector and rehabilitation of GAV Krems WWTP from the design to the commissioning.

The competent advisory services, relevant experience and so far gained trust were the determining factors for the fact, that Krems Wastewater Association contracted HYDRO Ingenieure with design, procurement and construction supervision for the extension of Krems WWTP to 225.000 P.E.

MSc Stefan Tiefenbacher
Executive director

Municipality Furth bei Göttweig

Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH is already 25 years a close partner of Municipality Furth bei Göttweig in all issues related with wastewater disposal.

In order to ensure that the projects are developed complying with all relevant demands, a professional technical assistance was needed. Within the phased rehabilitation of our sewerage system in last years there were present big constructional and financial challenges.

A reliable sewerage cadastre is needed in order to take the right decisions while solving the relevant issues (technical, legal and economical) within the sewerage rehabilitation, network extensions and optimization of the operation.

Visions, long-term trust and personal engagement on both sides were and are the guarantee for the positive business relationship

Leitner Eduard
Representative od Municipality Furth bei Göttweig in issues Sewerage

Municipality Eggern

Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH advises our municipality in water and wastewater issues just since approximately one year ago. After construction of a new well and target-oriented adaptations of the water treatment plant it could be solved a significant problem – supply of drinking water complying with qualitative and quantitative requirements.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary team of water management, electro and control technology experts, the facilities were enlarged and refurbished in time, competently and cost efficiently. With reliable water supply facilities behind us we are no longer afraid about the coming dry summer periods.

Herbert Zimmermann
Mayor of MG Eggern

Authorities association Krems - department of Environmental protection

Since 2003 we work together with the Structural engineering department of Hydro Ingenieure Umwelttechnik GmbH.

We feel to be competently advised. Hydro Ingenieure accompanies us from the design phase to handing-over of the completed constructions to our full satisfaction

Gerhard Wildpert
Managing director GV Krems - department of Environmental protection

Municipality Michelbach

Hydro Ingenieure advises and accompanies us to our fullest satisfaction since 1995 in fields of Water, Sewerage and Road construction.

Presently there is a sports hall under construction and it should be finished within the coming months. Within the complete rehabilitation of our elementary school Hydro Ingenieure took care about all issues starting with design and ending with final acceptance.

Franz Grandl
Mayor of Michelbach

Wastewater association Oberes Perschlingtal

„Hydro Ingenieure is reliable and competent partner within the entire life cycle of an environmental facility. From design, through implementation and assistance during the running operation to the energy and resources economy.“

Anton Tscherny
Director of Wastewater association Oberes Perschlingtal