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Remote data transmission WVA Hollabrunn

Tasks definition

Only three wells and one elevated water reservoir of the water supply system in Hollabrunn were operated (only partly) by cable remote control system. No spare parts were available for the existing system and it was necessary to renovate the system.

  • Within new automatization all parts were to be connected to the remote control system, the system was to be operated soundly and reliably.
  • The renovation was to be implemented during the operation of the plant without any significant interference.

It was a challenge to fulfil the task taking into consideration that many parts of the plant had no power supply connection.

  • Narrow band radio system linked with existing cable connections were installed in order to automatize 5 wells, 5 elevated water reservoirs, 5 DS-plants and 12 operation equipment shafts.
  • From the operation centre all parts of the system could be monitored and operated. Identification of pipe ruptures and consumption analysis belong to standard.
  • Additionally the connection between the operation centre and city hall was installed. New network connection and radio system are operated free of charge.
  • Status analysis of the existing system
  • Technical assistance
  • Designing
  • Procurement-contracting
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Handing-over to the client
  • Client: Municipality Hollabrunn
  • Project period: September 2004 - February 2007
  • Contract price: € 20.000,–
  • Contact person: Michael Köstler, BSc