Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

WWTP Medina (Saudi Arabia)

Tasks definition
  • The existing WWTP was extended by approx. 50% to the capacity of 1,200,000 PE and max. inflow of 240.000 m³/day.
  • An international expert for SCADA technology and mechanical works was engaged within completion of works and commissioning in particular for sludge dewatering and activated-carbon filtration.
  • There were set high demands on treatment performance since the treated water was planned to be used for irrigation.
  • All tasks were required to be fulfilled in short time period
  • Project size, language and cultural differences as well as forthcoming war with Iraq presented additional challenge.
  • Team-minded approach in different cultures
  • Experts with longstanding experience
  • Detailed analysis of individual systems taking into consideration the required functionality
  • Interaction of hydraulic, biological, chemical, mechanical and SCADA systems.
  • Each solution to be checked for sustainability.
  • Resident project management
  • Design support
  • Activities planning and human resources planning
  • Construction management within the completion phase
  • Elaboration of control and regulation concepts
  • Adjustment of the measurement equipment
  • Support in SCADA programming
  • Commissioning of the plant
  • Process monitoring
  • Failure management
  • Preparation for final approvals from relevant authorities
  • Client: VA TECH WABAG Belgium S.A.
  • Project period: November 2002 - May 2003
  • Contract price: € 80.000,–
  • Contact person: Michael Köstler, BSc