Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Wastewater association Oberes Perschlingtal

Tasks definition
  • Optimization of energy consumption within the treatment of wastewaters from seven member municipalities in the association WWTP.
  • Minimization of resources engagement within the sludge treatment.
  • Conversion of building heating from fossil to renewable energy source.
  • Optimization of aeration and recirculation in the biological reactor results in 14% savings in energy consumption.
  • Replacement of filter cloth in a chamber filter press results in 30 % savings in calcium carbonate consumption.
  • The erection of a pellet plant and support of a solar energy plant during the summer period, both used for heating of buildings, results in 75 % savings in heating oil consumption.   
  • Hydro Ingenieure designed and supervised the works and provide the technical assistance during the entire operation.
  • Collection of data regarding the existing status
  • Execution of additional measurements
  • Actual value analysis and elaboration of an energy concept
  • Investigation of optimization potential
  • Development of technical solutions
  • Elaboration of economic efficiency calculation
  • Development of funding options
  • Designing
  • Procurement
  • Construction supervision
  • Supervision of commissioning
  • Handing-over to the client
  • Client: AWV Oberes Perschlingtal
  • Period: September 2008 - November
  • Contract price: € 10.000,–
  • Contact person: Johannes Reithner, BSc