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Hundsheim flood protection

Project description

In 2002, as well as so often in previous years, almost the entirety of Hundsheim was flooded by the river Danube. Construction of sustainable flood protection measures became a priority for the people of Hundsheim.

Further requirements were as follows:

  • Measures to control groundwater movement in order to ensure no flooding is caused by groundwater when the river level is high. 
  • Solution needed to provide unrestricted views across the river Danube. 
  • Emergency planning and a warning system in the case of high water levels within the river Danube.
  • Installation of flood protection measures in a sympathetic manner so as not to disturb the area´s World cultural heritage status. 
  • After intensive underground investigations a feasibility study with different variants was prepared. The preffered solution consisted of a combination of static flood defence with mobile elements.
  • Flood protection measures were located so that noise from the adjacent road could also be reduced.
  • Groundwater movement under flood protection walls was controlled by increasing the depth of the walls to 15m and allowing a regulated discharge during flood events. 
  • Draft design
  • Hydraulics
  • Detail design
  • Procurement and construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Project funding development
  • Residual risks analysis
  • Emergency and operation control plan
  • Client: Municipality of Mautern an der Donau
  • Funding body: Bund und Land NÖ
  • Overall costs: € 6.950.000,–
  • Commencement of construction: September 2006
  • Functional capability: December 2007
  • Construction completion: September 2009
  • Contact person: Jörg Handhofer, MSc