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River Krems flood protection

Project description

In previous years the river Krems  repeatedly overflowed its river banks and caused catastrophic flood damages.

  • It was deemed necessary to provide flood protection for a 100 year flood event.
  • Preservation of multifunctionality of the river Krems where it flowed through urban areas was necessary.

Over 6km of flood protection measures were constructed, with the majority located in a dense settled town area (city infrastructure, limited space availability, varied usage demands on urban river waters) and it puts specific demands on the design and construction.

  • Rehabilitation and an increased elevation of existing river walls as well as river bed sealing and construction of flood protection walls in the area of existing dams.
  • River construction measures as optimisation of the river bed slope and the adjustment of corss sectional flow areas in order to meet hydraulic, ecological and urban demands.
  • Construction of flood protection walls with removeable barriers for access to the river.
  • Construction of 3 new bridges an footbridges.
  • The removal of two wiers and the installation of fish passes.
  • The adaption of existing transport and services infrastructure.
  • Renaturalisation of the existing "hard" river bed and adjacent overflow areas.
  • Flow modelling
  • Danger zone designation
  • Variants investigation
  • Design for building permission
  • Funding development
  • Detail design
  • Procurement
  • Contracting
  • Project management
  • Construction supervision
  • Final acceptance
  • Residual risk consideration
  • Emergency planning
  • Client: Municipality Mautern an der Donau
  • Funding body: Bund und Land NÖ
  • Investment volume: € 6.950.000,–
  • Commencement of construction: September 2006
  • Functional capability: December 2007
  • Construction completion: September 2009
  • Contact person: Jörg Handhofer, MSc