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Company founder MSc Friedrich Spindelberger

MSc. Friedrich W. Spindelberger

Friedrich W. Spindelberger MSc

Company founder
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Spontaneity – the courage to take risks

The sudden and premature death of my predecessor “drove” me totally unprepared into self-employment. From a small site office in Krems, a branch office of a Viennese consulting engineering firm, I succeeded in building up HYDRO INGENIEURE Umwelttechnik GmbH into the large and successful consulting engineerung company that it is today. 

As an engineer I have always had a fascination with the design and operation of river engineering structures and particularly with water supply treatment. This led to me founding the HYDRO INGENIEURE company, which I established alongside my work as a self-employed consulting engineer and as a professor at a vocational training institute. From these humble roots I founded other service companies in the areas of sewer technology, dewatering of sewage sludge, and state-approved laboratory for water and soil analysis. All these companies are led by young, dynamic managers and co-partners.

Values for the future

After almost 40 years in a company one begins to think more than ever about its future. What should be handed on to the next generation of engineers? Who should be given these responsibilities?

The demands made on people working in the consulting industry are becoming inevitably greater, the challenges they face are increasing and commercial pressures are growing as a result of the constant changes brought about by globalisation.

Team spirit,diversity, trust - qualities which have always been the basis of a successful team - are important components of our corporate culture and will become ever more crucial in the future.

Integrity, flexibility, professionalism, further training and the handing on of experience from old to young are the cornerstones that ensure  the satisfaction of our clients, our success in the marketplace and our employees  and our companies will continue to thrive in the future.