Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

History of Hydro Ingenieure

1972 DI Friedrich W. Spindelberger begins working for the consulting engineering company DI Peter Weeber
1978 Founding of consulting engineering company DI Friedrich W. Spindelberger
1979 Founding of HYDRO INGENIEURE Umwelttechnik GmbH
1989 Setting up of own laboratory for the analysis of potable water and wastewater
1992 Setting up of the business divisions of Sewer Cleaning and Mobile Sludge Dewatering
1993 Conversion of former 15th century salt barn to central office building
1994 Spin-off of WSB Laboratory as an independent company
1997 Certification according to ISO 9001 quality standard
1998 Setting up of the business divisions of Underground Infrastructure Cadastre and Cleaning/Rehabilitation
1999 Commencement of international activities with projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
1999 Spin-off of Hydro Ingenieure Terracomp GmbH and Hydro Ingenieure Kanaltechnik GmbH as independent companies
2002 Spin-off of the division of Underground Infrastructure Cadastre as an independent company IM-Tech Infrastrukturmanagement GmbH (formerly KWT GmbH)
Setting up of the business divisions of Public and Commercial Construction as well as Electrotechnics
2003 Setting up of the divisions TGA (Technical Equipment for Buildings) and Energy Management (Alternative Energy)
2004 Incorporation of sole trader DI W. F. Spindelberger into HYDRO INGENIEURE Umwelttechnik GmbH
2005 Setting up of the division Process Engineering/Automatization
2006 Setting up of the division Hydrogeology
2007 Setting up of the division Energy and Ecology Management
2008 Setting up of the division Site, Municipal und Regional Development
2009 Setting up of the division Geotechnics