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Hydrogeology / Geotechnical Engineering

Getting to the bottom of groundwater!

Water that penetrates the ground surface is known as groundwater and it may move horizontally through the earth to a stream channel, or it may percolate deeper to the water table or phreatic surface.

We investigate and analyse the movement and quality of groundwater

  • Groundwater abstraction for use as potable or service water, for thermal cooling or the dewatering of excavations for construction.
  • Modification of the existing groundwater flow regime and groundwater level due to the below ground construction or changes to infiltration at the surface.
  • Mitigation of any potential impact on the local groundwater due to construction (for example of landfill sites or brownfield/contaminated sites)
  • Measures to reduce the impact of construction on the groundwater flow regime and on surface infiltration.
Our strengths
  • We have completed over 250 groundwater projects ranging from small to large scale.
  • We offer a one-stop-shop for all your groundwater needs.
  • We use state-of-the-art groundwater measuring and analysis equipment.
Your benefits
  • You get peace of mind and cost certainty due to clear information on the groundwater conditions.
  • The influence of groundwater on below ground construction is known from the outset.
  • Groundwater can be efficiently abstracted at a sustainable rate.
  • You can mitigate against and eliminate long-term impacts on groundwater.