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Landscape and urban planning

Creating a safe and attractive environment for people to live in.

People and their needs take centre stage.

A safe and attractive environment require nature conservation and the careful development of our landscape and urban areas. Roads are increasingly seen as shared space for a diverse range of users, with consideration to be given to more vulnerable users as well.

We incorporate infrastructure such as flood protection, road construction, water retention measures, water supply and sewerage construction sympathetically into the urban and countryside landscape. Urban green space provides ecosystem services and improves people’s quality of life.

Urban planning and road planning are inextricably linked. Besides designing well-regulated traffic flows, we also set great value in user-optimised road transport infrastructure, footpaths, bicycle routes, green areas, storage places and much more – particularly communication areas.

We engage with you throughout the design process and propose solutions that link together.

Our strengths
  • We have undertaken over 100 landscape and urban planning projects.
  • We have a diverse group of experts that cover all aspects of urban and landscape planning.
  • We engage with the local population, the local government and other stakeholders.


Your benefits
  • You improve quality of life and create an attractive and safe environment for living in.
  • Through consultation and involvement of the local population and planning departments project approval is expedited.