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River Engineering

Living in harmony with water!

Water is a basic necessity for all life.

Water is an essential resource; however it also presents a threat for people and property in areas that are prone to flooding.

Flooding is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can wreak havoc on people’s lives and property. Modern flood protection measures can however mitigate against the effects of flooding or avoid flooding altogether. We offer a comprehensive and cost effective flood protection package applying the latest design methods:

  • Digital terrain, rainfall and runoff models
  • 2D-runoff simulations

Integrated Flood Management

Integrated flood management comprises not only reactive measures like hard engineering structures such as river training, dikes, barriers and flood control basins, but also the enabling of natural water retention and preventative measures such as forecast models, land management, emergency planning and public relations. The proactive approach to flood management does not treat floods only as an engineering or an emergency problem, but as an issue with social, economic, environmental legal and institutional aspects.

Contingency Planning

Emergency plans, operation manuals and training are effective measures against flooding that work in harmony with hard protection structures.

Our Strengths
  • We have successfully undertaken a variety of projects, from small schemes, through to major flood defence works.
  • We integrate flood protection measures sympathetically into the natural environment or townscape.
Your Benefits
  • Contingency planning and risk management ensure that there is a clear strategy to be followed during flood events.
  • We work with natural processes to help manage the water cycle and ensure that we leave a positive impact on the environment and our communities.