Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Our values

„We have not inherited the planet from previous generations, but only borrowed from future generations.“

Water - the basis of life

We base our philosophy on the careful and respectful management water – the basis of all life. In order to ensurea sustainable future, we take a strategic approach to water resource planning and environmental challenges. 

People are central to how we act and what we aspire to do. We are always focused on our clients and trust plays an essential role in our business relationships. We celebrate and develop our people and support them to realise their capability to contribute to our communities. 

Professional partner

We work in partnership with our clients, providing professional services in the areas of environment, civil engineering, geotechnics, energy, process engineering, SCADA, structural engineering, electrical engineering, building services, urban water supply and sanitation, flood protection and project development. We offer technical expertise and support throughout the project cycle from initial studies through to detailed design, construction, commissioning and operation. 

We are true to our principles ans put our skills to work for a positive social impact. Diverse teams and motivated employees are crucial elements of our success and guarantee that we exceed our clients´expectations.