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GV Krems – Waste transfer station, waste recovery centre

Tasks definition
  • Construction of waste transfer station for re-loading of waste from trucks to railway transportation
  • Erection of 16 secondary materials recovery centres in association area
  • Construction of a Warehouse for waste containers
  • Energy recovery from biogenic secondary materials
  • Construction of a waste transfer station consisting of warehouse, re-loading station and railway connection.
  • Erection of waste recovery centre consisting of office container, problematic material storage place, secondary material grading hall
  • Container area and lop storage
  • Construction of central storage hall including free space for storage of containers
  • Elaboration of concepts for Utilization of biogenic secondary materials for generation of heat and electricity
  • Data collection and data processing
  • Project management
  • Draft design and design for permission
  • Elaboration of BoQ and Tender documentation
  • Planning of construction
  • Construction supervision
  • Design and construction coordination
  • Monitoring of implementation
  • Invoice certification
  • Calculations of profitability
  • Client: GV Krems
  • Project period: January 2002 - ongoing
  • Contract price: € 180.000,–
  • Responsible person: Christian Kopetzky, MSc