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Wastewater disposal Batumi

Project description

The municipality of Batumi has approximately 124,000 inhabitants and is located in southeast Georgia directly on the coast of the black sea.The project the rehabilitation of the municipality's infrastructure (water supply and wastewater disposal) and provide the Adjarian coastal villages between Batumi and Turkish borders with the sewerage system. This project is being undertaken with the support of KfW Entwicklungsbank.


Based on the feasibility study the following measures are being implemented in two phases:

  • Construction of 100 km water supply lines
  • Construction of 2 water reservoirs (each 10.000 m³)
  • Construction of water treatment plant (200 l/s)
  • Construction of pumping station (700 l/s)
  • Construction of drinking water transmission pipeline (40 km)
  • Rehabilitation and Construction the sewer of Batumi (68km)
  • Rehabilitation of 2 wastewater pumping stations (800 l/s)
  • Construction of full biology wastewater treatment plant (200.000 PE)
  • Construction of a Sea Outfall pipe DN 1000 into the black sea (1,1 km)
  • Construction of 14,6 km of gravity sewers and 13,6 km of waste water pressure lines
  • Construction of 7 wastewater pumping stations
  • Construction of 450 m long pipe suspension on bridge
  • Data collection, Analysis of existing situation
  • Elaboration of Feasibility studies
  • Reporting
  • Topographical survey works
  • Designing
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Evaluation of tenders and contracting
  • Construction supervision (FIDIC)
  • Elaboration of operation manuals
  • Training of operation personnel
  • Commissioning
  • Client: Municipality of Batumi
  • Funding body: KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Project duration: July 2005 - August 2012
  • Investment volume: € 71.800.000,–
  • Contact person: Heinz Becker, MSc