Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Wastewater treatment, Wastewater disposal

Clean water is a limited resource!

Use of water causes wastewater.

Our main activities in central Europe are the upgrade, rehabilitation and optimisation of existing wastewater treatment plants. A rising awareness of the need for protecting our environment requires innovative solutions. In many eastern and south-eastern European countries there is a need for completely new methods of wastewater disposal.

We undertake data collection and desktop studies to develop project goals and strategy, and develop tailor-made solutions. Cost-benefit analysis informs the decision-making process and design outcomes.

Our strengths
  • We have implemented over 1000 wastewater projects both in Austria and abroad.
  • We design rural, decentralized plants as well as large plants in areas of high population density.
  • We have a long track record of solving complex and demanding tasks.
Your benefits
  • Your plant will be optimised and will comply with all relevant national and international standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Our longstanding experience at home and abroad guarantees you a high-quality service.
  • You can save money with our customised solutions.