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Water supply Campulung-Muscel

Project description

The water treatment plant in Campulung-Muscel (Romania) was in very poor condition from the structural, electrical and mechanical point of view. In order to improve the situation and to provide the municipality Campulung-Muscel (38.000 inhabitants) with sufficiently treated water, ADA (Austrian Development Agency) decided to finance the project covering the rehabilitation of this plant.

The existing treatment plant (constructed in 1990) is designed to treat approx. 400l/s of drinking water and 700 l/s of service water. A nearby water storage lake serves as a source of water for treatment and further distribution.

  • Within two project phases the major structural damages were repaired; chemical dosing station, rapid filter, sludge scraper as well as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment were rehabilitated.
  • Furthermore, the heating system and automatization unit were added to the existing system and the laboratory equipment was purchased.
  • In order to ensure the sustainable operation of the plant intensive training of the personnel was performed.
  • Project management
  • Reporting and control of the trust fund account
  • Existing design review
  • Designing
  • Elaboration of tender documentation
  • Preparation of Works Contracts
  • Construction supervision
  • Taking-over
  • Elaboration of operation manuals
  • Training for operation staff
  • Commissioning
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Client: Municipality Campulung - Muscel
  • Funding body: Austrian Development Agency
  • Project period: November 2003 - Oktober 2005
  • Investment volume: € 900.000,–
  • Contact person: Karl Türk, BSc