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Pipeline network and loss analysis – Water supply system Weistrach

Project description
  • Calculation of necessary amounts of fire-fighting water from the water supply network
  • Calculation of needed amounts of drinking water and needed pressure in normal operation
  • Reduction of operation costs through identification and reduction of losses
  • Optimization of pumps control system in the existing underground water reservoir
  • Flow rate and pressure measurements in normal operation and during the artificially induced over-consumptions
  • Network calibration: Evaluation of measurement records in order to identify the actual pressure losses and surface roughness of a pipe in the water supply network, in particular localization of problematic areas
  • Hydraulic calculation of network
  • Water losses analysis, evaluation of operation data and campaign for zones localization
  • Pressure and flow rate measurements in the pipeline network (Hydrant inspections, Fire fighting water capacity tests, leaking zones detection)
  • Computer supported hydraulic network calculations
  • Technical and economical operation analysis of water supply system
  • Assistance and support within the implementation of measures for reduction of actual and apparent water losses (Consumption monitoring, leaks detection)
  • Functionality inspection, Documentation and advisory services for optimalization of pumps control
  • Client: Municipality Weistrach
  • Total length of the main pipelines: 6900 m
  • Project period: 2009
  • Contact person: Paul Seitz, MSc