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Water supply Maria Taferl

Project description

The tourism municipality Maria Taferl together with other seven municipalities constantly suffered from water shortages during the summer months.

A master plan was required to provide guarantee for the constant water supply to the local inhabitants and numerous tourists taking into consideration the existing facilities.


Taking into account further development of the municipality and tourism in the area the following measures were implemented based on the elaborated master plan:

  • Construction of deep well Steinbachwiese (180 l/min)
  • Erection of water treatment plant Steinbachwiese with a de-ferrization and de-manganization facility
  • Construction of elevated water reservoir (400 m³) with neutralizing and UV-facility
  • Laying of 7,2 km long transmission line and 6,0 km of distribution network
  • Remote data transmission to the municipality office
  • Existing status analysis
  • Revision of existing design concept
  • Citizens information
  • Projects for applicable permissions
  • Costs estimate
  • Elaboration of application for funding from Federal government
  • Detail design
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bids
  • Construction supervision (both technical and contractual)
  • Commissioning
  • Elaboration of documentation for final acceptance
  • Client: Municipality Maria Taferl
  • Project period: December 1994 - April 1998
  • Investment volume: € 2.500.000,–
  • Contact person: Karl Türk, BSc