Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Water supply references


Water treatment, Water catchment, Water retention, Water supply networks

  • Municipality Göllersdorf
  • City of Krems/Donau
  • Municipality Furth
  • Municipality Schrems
  • Municipality Maria Taferl
  • Municipality Sitzenberg-Reidling

Water losses analysis

  • WTP Weistrach
  • WTP Gedersdorf
  • WTP Rossatz

Water supply cadastre

  • WTP Amaliendorf
  • WTP Gedersdorf
  • WTP Paudorf

Thermal utilization of ground water


  • Golf area Lengenfeld
  • Municipalities of Retzerland and Pulkautal
  • Municipality Retzbach
  • Vineyards irrigation Wachau