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Water supply Vrapciste

Project description

The municipality Vrapciste in Macedonia is located approximately 60 km south-west of the capital city Skopje and includes 14 provincial municipalities with approximately 25.000 inhabitants.

The purpose of the project, financed by ADA (Austrian Development Agency), was to extent the existing water supply system and to support the municipality within the institutional strengthening.

  • Based on the outcomes from a feasibility study, 4,6 km of water supply pipeline was laid, rehabilitation and construction of a new elevated water reservoir (400 m³) was performed in the municipalities of Orten Gradec, Negotino, Dobridol and Senokos. Furthermore 2 disinfection plants and three large water flow meters were installed.
  • 2200 pcs of water flow meters, house connection materials and construction equipment were provided to the municipality infrastructure department within the institutional strengthening support.
  • The employees were trained for the operation of the system, an economic plan was elaborated and, within the public relation activities, the meetings for informing the inhabitants were organized.
  • Project Management
  • Reporting and control of the trust fund account
  • Elaboration of feasibility study – water supply, wastewater disposal, waste disposal
  • Existing design review
  • Designing
  • Elaboration of tender documentation
  • Preparation of Works Contracts
  • Taking-over
  • Elaboration of operation manuals
  • Training for operation staff
  • Commissioning
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Client: Municipality Vrapciste
  • Funding body: Austrian Development Agency
  • Project period: January 2006 - July 2009
  • Investment volume: € 900.000,–
  • Contact person: Raimund Traintinger, BSc