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Water Supply

Ensuring sustainable water supply now and for the future!

Every drop of water is precious.

Water is a precious resource that requires careful management for our wellbeing and that of future generations. A wide-reaching and robust water supply network is fundamental infrastructure and a prerequisite for the economic development of developing municipalities and regions. Multi-purpose networks distribute water to domestic properties, industry, commerce, and agriculture, and also meet public needs such as fire-fighting.

Increasingly stringent water quality criteria and regulations in central and eastern Europe require the construction of new water supply assets, and the optimisation and rehabilitation of existing facilities.

We undertake data collection and desktop studies to develop project goals and strategy, and develop tailor-made solutions. Cost-benefit analysis informs the decision-making process and design outcomes.

Our Strengths
  • We have completed over 300 water supply projects both in Austria and other countries.
  • We carry out the projects in all areas from remote locations to busy city centres.
  • We are constantly developing innovative solutions.
Your Benefits
  • Water quality testing and improvement
  • Asset assessment, optimisation, and upgrading
  • You benefit from efficient solutions adapted to specifically meet your needs