Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions

Business Center Lower Austria

Hydro Ingenieure set standards in Passive House construction

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Water supply Daeni

Hydro Ingenieure treat Danube water

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Landespolzeikommando St. Pölten

Flood protection Krems-Stein

Mobile flood protection - a model for Europe

Wastewater treatment Medina

Hydro Ingenieure engaged as experts for SCADA


Old distributary connection Rührsdorf

Hydro Ingenieure link the existing distributaries into the Danube as part of the EU Life Project Wachau


Wastewater Association Merzenstein

Hydro Ingenieure develop innovative and need-based wastewater treatment plant


Hydro Ingenieure - Engineering company for Environmental technology

We are a sustainability-minded engineering company for environmental technology and are thus the competent partner for municipalities, associations, and organisations as well as for architects and industry. Our activities range from consultancy, design and supervision to implementation and operational support.

Water and wastewater form the core of our activities. We offer a full spectrum of services …
We are a consulting engineering company with comprehensive competencies …
  • Agricultural engineering and water management
  • Electrotechnology
  • Building services engineering and energy planning
  • Master builder and designer 
  • Management consultancy
  • Operation of water supply facilities and wastewater disposal facilities
  • IT services

Hydro Ingenieure Services

Water supply Waste water treatment, Wastewater disposal Water engineering Hydrogeology, Geotechnics Process-engineering, Automatisation Energy, Ecology management Building services, Energy management Building construction Landscape planning, Arrangement of townscap Municipalities, regions and habitats development

Weißenkirchen is protected against flooding

Hydro Ingenieure - Flood protection facility in Weißenkirchen

Weißenkirchen is the first municipality to be protected against flooding in the Wachau. The biggest mobile flood protection facility in Austria is operational.

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Hydro Ingenieure - Vision to clear solutions